Introducing GL Integrity Financial Planning

Why we do it

We help people make smart choices with their money, which is interesting because that’s what most people want to do. But if the way you do that is by trying to pick the latest ‘hot fund’, reading financial tips or watching ‘gurus’ on TV, it’s a bit like the guy in that song of the 70’s who’s “looking for love in all the wrong places”. You don’t make smart choices based on outside information;that’s not how you do it. Where you make smart choices isn’t based on outside information. It comes from an inside insight.

So, we believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them. And the best way we can support you in that is through the financial architecture of your comprehensive, written, values-based financial plan. If you share that belief, we can do our best work for you and we want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you on this journey.

Of course, within the context of looking at everything in the round (including all your finances, your goals and the outcomes which matter most to you) we make sure that any burning issues are addressed first. The reason we do it like this is so our advice is accurate for you and accounts for anything else which might have a knock-on effect on our recommendations, your expectations and your objectives – even if it might not at first be obvious.

Who we do it for

Primarily we tend work with business owners (SMEs)professionalssenior executives and retirees. However, exactly what you do for a living, how old you are or how much money you have is not as important as whether we have a match to go forward. You will feel that our way of working is a good fit for you if you can say, “This profile pretty much describes me”:

  • You are goal orientated and/ or have interests and activities you want to pursue and make time for
  • You like sharing quality and quantity time with people you’re close to e.g. family and friends
  • You like helping others with the gift of your time, energy and/ or money – whether in small or large ways
  • You are dependable and straightforward – you tend to keep commitments and follow through on plans most of the time
  • You have a capacity to trust (if the person in whom you’re placing your trust is trustworthy).

What we do

We provide the personal and business areas of advice below as stand-alone services or as part of comprehensive financial plan with a choice of three on-going review service programmes (TheValues-Based Financial Planning™ Programmes). Most people choose an on-going review service, but some don’t. An ongoing review means we can provide you with a consistent investment experience to meet your expectations. We recommend a review because we can monitor the progress of your plan against your goals, the ongoing suitability of our recommendations and make any changes needed in a timely manner. The review services give you a distinct and clear choice for the advice and an on-going service which is a best fit for your planning needs.

Wealth Management & Financial Planning areas of advice

Personal Planning Business Planning
  • Wealth Management & Investment Planning
  • Asset Protection & Estate Planning
  • Later Life Planning
  • Financial Planning for compensation recipients
  • Trust Investment Planning & Review
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning options
  • Education Planning
  • Giving & Philanthropic Planning
  • Planning as a result of Relationship breakdown
  • Budgeting & Debt Repayment Planning
  • Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Financial Forecasting & Cashflow Modelling
  • Values-Based Financial Planning™
  • Wealth Management & Investment Planning
  • Asset Protection & Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning options (SSAS, SIPP)
  • Succession Planning
  • Key Person Protection
  • The ‘Company Will’
  • Share Protection & Partnership Protection
  • Directors’ Loan Account Protection
  • Loan Protection
  • Loan Guarantor Protection
  • Employee Benefits – death, illness
  • Auto-Enrolment Planning

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