The 5 C’s of Creating Momentum.

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Getting the momentum behind your plan is more about the execution than just the idea. When you’ve had a ‘Eureka’ moment, the next step is to build momentum, allowing you to move forward with the confidence that you’ve taken control of the future.

Here are a few tips in helping you move forward with purpose:


It seems like we are in an age where keeping all your options open appears to be a good thing although it can lead to paralysis by analysis. You never make a decision. Now, understand, researching your options is a good thing, but committing to a decision enables you to move forward and build. Committing needs to happen daily.


Once you’re committed, being consistent is just as important. I often reflect on getting married.

I love my wife dearly, but after the fairytale of the wedding comes reality. Two cultures collide and we have to work together to establish what works for us. All of a sudden, my way isn’t the only way (or indeed the right way). Those challenges are seen as we learn more about each other and remain consistent in the direction we have chosen.


Along the journey, you’ll have a few challenges. See those challenges as opportunities.

When we do, we add a lot to our well-being. Crisis comes as a result of not knowing all the answers. You don’t have to. Make sure you have people around you that a smarter than you.

The most creative ideas often are born out of crisis and without them, we just wouldn’t think about anything different.


One of the best things that always keep us focused on momentum is to remember why we are focused on delivering the plan. The beta strategy here is to remember why we care. Investing in the future is just that. Caring for your family, your friends, or a people group you are looking to impact all keep the motive pure and disciplined. When you care, you’re ready to sacrifice the short term for long term gain.


Patience is what keeps us calm. You can’t make a tree grow more quickly than the natural process and investment is just the same. Sure, there are stories of luck and chance, but just remain calm and committed. Panic creates decisions that hurt in the long term and when you stand outside of time you’ll see that life is full of ups and downs. The winners stay calm and understand that seasons come into play and having experts in each sector helps you get a good feel for the climate.

Momentum is created by making a series of actions consistently and I believe that these five areas will help you in making 2019 the year where you take positive action to create a future full of hope.

At GL Integrity we help you commit to choices, enabling you to evaluate the consistency needed to move towards your goals, to be creative in the midst of life’s ups and downs, to remember what’s important by caring for those that you care about and, finally, to remain calm, no matter what climate and circumstance may challenge your peace.

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Success comes from taking the initiative and following up…persisting…eloquently expressing the depth of your love.  What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life?  — Tony Robbins

Go well.

Andrew Stinchcomb
Lead Navigator
Certified Financial Planner™ professional
Chartered Wealth Manager™

Investors should remember that the value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up. This update has been produced for information purposes only and isn’t intended to constitute financial advice; investments referred to may not be suitable for everyone.

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