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It’s important to appreciate and enjoy the moment. Time passes so quickly, and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And yet, yesterday, our tomorrow was today; and today we get to enjoy what in the past was a future day.

Most people have goals requiring saving and budgeting for those future days.

Future days of fun; of going out for food with friends and family; of a concert, a trip to the cinema, a shopping spree and travel. In short, lifestyle. Life is not a rehearsal.

Maybe you want to buy a house or support your child’s education?

Or fund your future independence and dignity with an income you cannot outlive?

Do you know exactly how much it will take to retire comfortably and remain comfortably retired?

Which habits can we replace with those which serve us well for our todays and tomorrows?

Ask, “Do I need it?”

Really think about what you need compared to what you want. Most people love the experience of getting the new and latest things. Shopping releases dopamine and endorphins in our brains, which may cause us to become addicted. Instead, why not try to stick to a list the next time you’re out shopping? Or substitute the urge to spend money with exercise to be F.I.T. For Purpose!

The right balance.

Compulsive buying can be a form of relieving stress, but it only gives the shopper temporary satisfaction as it leads to a lack of contentment and stress in the long run.

It is, however, important to reward yourself. We all know the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” but perhaps rein in on the material purchases so “Jack doesn’t also become a poor boy!”. Budgeting will give you the freedom to enjoy your future days as well as the present moments. If you need a budget planner, ping us an email and we’ll send one out in a spreadsheet.

A plan to pay off your debts.

Unfortunately, events can occur creating financial pressures, for example, redundancy, loss of a business, sudden illness and unexpected bereavement. How about the idea of a clean slate and a fresh start? If we can use credit cards for convenience and emergencies rather than ‘infinite money’, we can speed up the process of a stress-free lifestyle. If you cannot see a way out of debt, you are not alone. Don’t delay; get in touch and we’ll try to point you in the direction of the best help. Don’t suffer on your own. If you can see opportunities to pay off debt or want to avoid disasters, perhaps now is the time to plan.

Tell your family and friends.

Trying to transition from habits which hold us back to good budgeting can be difficult at first. Especially if we’ve never budgeted before. But what is at first difficult, becomes progressively easier and more pleasurable through practice.

Having friends and family that understand your goals will help motivate you to stay on your path. Talking aloud about what you want to achieve may even help with persuading yourself and reaffirming what you want.

If you enjoy compulsive spending, this can be a challenging trait to shake, but with the right coaching and financial plan you will be on your way to achieving your goals and dreams so you can not only enjoy your today, but also your tomorrows.

Self-control is the power within you that holds the reins of anger, intolerance and impulsiveness. – Remez Sasson

Andrew Stinchcomb
Lead Navigator
Certified Financial Planner™ professional
Chartered Wealth Manager™

Investors should remember that the value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up. This update has been produced for information purposes only and isn’t intended to constitute financial advice; investments referred to may not be suitable for everyone.

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